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Wein aus Georgien

Direct import from Georgia and Crimea

We sell Wine, Liquer and fine food

Weinhaus Grusignac Weinhaus Grusignac weinhaus grusignac wein aus georgien

Our Onlineshop:

You can find exquisite wines , rare Liquer and fine food from the ex-Soviet Union . We are the leaders in the business of the six biggest companies (wine sellers, distillery and fine food producers) in Georgia. To this companies appertains the JSC Cooparation Kindzmarauli, Rachuli Wino Ltd., JSC Tbilvino, JSC David Sarajishvili, Mildiani Group, Dentro Ltd. And the famous “Massandra” from the “Krim” island.

In our online shop you can do your shopping unhurriedly. 365 days in the year, 24 hours a day, without any closing time and annoying lines, without stress. Your appointment comes directly to your home, there is no importance to care the heavy bags. Just easily order from your home, we do the rest.


Our Events:

weinhaus grusignac wein aus georgienTheme nights: Georgian, Russian and Siberian Folklore parties with live music, also for coteries .

Music events with different genres, wine tastings and wine trade shows.

Vernissage: monthly changing exhibition of Siberian and Georgian artists.